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    h1. Welcome to Winterhaven! This is where we will chronicle the events surrounding the Rangers of Winterhave, a brave cohort of adventurers bent on saving their home town and restoring peace to their families and friends. This area is where we can …

  • Lord Padraig

    First Adventure: Party learned that he was sick from anxiety about his collapsing town from constant kobold attacks.

  • Salvana Wrafton

    *First Adventure:* During the first adventure she was able to inform you of the overall gloom and impending fatal attitude of Winterhaven. "It seems your home and mine will cease to be...our birthplace may well be our death place."

  • Xinara

    *First Adventure:* During the first adventure, Quinn engaged her in conversation and noticed that she was unwilling to cooperate with small-talk; however, during the conversation the party's cleric noticed from afar that she had a religious bracelet that …

  • Ulga-Angelica

    During her apprenticeship with a treant (Short-Bark) she excelled in her allegiance to nature and the Feywild; however, she has a knack for being captured by the enemy and being held hostage for her friends to rescue her.

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