A quiet elf maiden that turns out to be an evil cultist


She is a quiet elven hunter who usually drinks alone. Xinara is not interested in conversation, but rather is quietly curious about everything . Stiff and bitter in demeanor, she is in Winterhaven to trade furs for the upcoming winter. She has an elfish pompous attitude toward all and seems to really hate men without cause. You sense she has suffered tragically in her youth, but does not ever talk about it.


First Adventure:
During the first adventure, Quinn engaged her in conversation and noticed that she was unwilling to cooperate with small-talk; however, during the conversation the party’s cleric noticed from afar that she had a religious bracelet that aligned her with a hellish cult. After further observations, the cleric warned the party covertly that she was indeed a follower of orcus, a terrible hell-fiend and that she could be very dangerous. The party initiated combat in hopes of acquiring her journal, by her side the entire time, and possible taking her prisoner.

When engaged she became invisible, but Quinn was quick and seized her journal. After a thorough search, she was indeed absent from the Inn’s property. The journal led the party to understand that a powerful cult leader, Karlel, was near and that an imminent attack was coming to Winterhaven.
Forth Adventure:*
During an assault on a archealogical dig site, the party was trying to acquire an important relic, which was part of a larger magical device that could bring orcus to Winterhaven. During the combat, Xinara was working on a ritual that would transport her to Karlel with the relic. During an epic combat with her and three minotaurs, the party managed to slay her and her minion, recovering the relic.


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